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Gujarat Unhealed

Over 2000 people were killed, hundreds of women were raped, children were butchered, tens of thousands of Muslims were displaced in the span of a few weeks in February & March 2002 during the anti-Muslim Gujarat pogrom. 19 years later, those who led the most horrendous violence of modern India are ruling the country while the victims still haven’t gotten any justice and haven’t been able to move on, rather the victims and those who deposed and stood up for truth & justice are being witch-hunted and persecuted even more.

StriveUK invites you to view their documentary ‘Gujarat Unhealed’ which explores the trauma two decades later. It is a moving documentary on the Gujarat genocide where Sangh Parivar mobs abetted by the state machinery committed the most savage acts of violence against Muslims in the history of modern India. Listen to survivors painfully recount their never-ending ordeal and activists reveal the meticulous detail of planning the pogrom.

Despite the call from various quarters asking Muslims to forget and move on, Gujarat Unhealed shows that nearly two decades later, moving on is impossible when the master of the genocide is the Prime Minister and justice is denied.

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